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New ship: Lagertha + her cat

That is a big beast!!!!

domanda di importanza cruciale: l'uovo è al latte o fondente?


è stata la mia stessa domanda, al telefono

"Sì, Ma’, però che tipo di uovo è"

"Come quello di tuo fratello"

"Il nocciolato?"

"No il Kinder"

Enjolras realizing that he's in love with Grantaire mid speech and he just stops and slams his hands down on the table, accidentally breaking a glass and cutting himself. So of course things stop so they can bandage Enjolras' hand and all the while Enjolras can't stop staring at Grantaire, because how could he not have realized it before and whispering to Combeferre if he thinks Grantaire might like him and Combeferre smacks him (gently of course).




Combeferre just actually pushing his palm over Enjolras’ face entirely and sighing heavily because there’s no way he’s dealing with this on a Thursday night.

(Sorry not sorry at all ahahaha) TW for injury, blood, and Enjo being a foOL


Shit. Shit, I’m in love with him. That’s what this is, right? God, I wish I had a frame of reference, but I’m pretty sure - this is love.

He’s really very aware of the fact that he’s just stopped talking mid sentence, that almost eveyone in the room is looking at him and he’s looking at Grantaire, watching him as he moves his glass - colourless liquid tonight, vodka? - from one hand to the other and studies the grain of the wood that makes up the table. Enjolras opens his mouth a few times, only to close it again because he can’t say anything - what can he say in the face of this revelation? For a moment, everything else seems unimportant, and it’s not until Combeferre’s fingers press against his wrist that he realises that now everyone is watching him, and he pulls his hand away from Combeferre and slams it down on the table, and it’s not until Courfeyrac gasps that he realises there had been a glass there. 

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Ok so you guys know that I’m not falling all over myself to praise Pope Francis and he still said hella shitty things about queer people even though apparently he can’t “judge us” or whatever that was okay he’s still the conservative Pope of the conservative Catholic Church which has created a shitload of problems for us here in a whole lot of ways

but my mom called me today and apparently he bought Easter eggs for all the inmates at the juvenile detention center she works at as well as for all members of staff

so like I’m still a hella angry queer but Pope Francis bought me a giant Kinder egg and I don’t know how to process this


There’s the characters you headcanon as queer and then there’s the characters where nope they are 100% actually queer it’s not up for question, it’s really a shame the creators never figured it out.





*two girls kiss*
straight people: i just think it’s so amazing that they would do that, you know. as friends
*two girls have sex*
straight people: female friendship is amazing
*two girls get married, buy a house, have some kids*
straight people: what better way to grow old than to do it with your best friend

Literally no one thinks this


  • cara delevigne and michelle rodriguez being called ‘gal pals’ (they’re dating)
  • ellie and riley’s kiss in the last of us: left behind labeled as ‘platonic’
  • image
  • image
  • "I did a picture in my Basic Illustration class once of my new lesbian couple characters. They weren’t doing anything in the picture aside from looking exasperated at one another, but I CLEARLY stated to the teacher repeatedly that they were a couple (we were discussing how to show relationships between characters via props, expressions, etc.) However, without fail, every single time he mentioned the characters he called them “sisters”. It annoyed the fucking crap out of me." (x)
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  • "Ugh. Ugh. I can’t even count the number of times my girlfriend has been reduced to my best friend while fully knowing the situation, instead choosing to acknowledge it the way that their warped minds see fit. fuck." (x)
  • "This is 100% true. “So, how’s your friend?” “Fiancée” “Yeah, friend, how’s your friend?” “…”" (x)
  • The way that this is worded is hilarious to me because my great aunt actually bought a horse, raised kids, and has lived with the same woman for 30 years, and the majority of my family still refers to them as “good friends”.” (x)
  • "There’s this guy at the 7/11 that is down the street from us that ALWAYS asks where my “good friend” is. I correct him every time and say “you mean my wife?” He just nods. 
    One time after I corrected him he said “so she’s wife, does that make you husband?”
    I looked at him like he was utterly stupid and said “no. We’re both girls. I’m her wife.” 
    I just uuuugh. Fucker. 
    The next time he asks about my “good friend” I intend to just go off on him and refuse to step foot in that 7/11 again.”  (x)

just a few of the many 

"literally no one"


combeferre is the kind of guy who picks up the bug when someone goes ‘omg a bug squish it’ and lets it walk around on his hand forever and then says goodbye when it flies off and does a little smile as if his day is 100x better 

'dear diary 

a ladybug said hello today. six-dotter. named him lucien.’ 



at first you think you’re just looking at a gif of george blagden drinking which, yeah, i’m not going to question anyone’s interest in

and then you realise


changeling gavroche who realizes he’s not a human boy and leaves the thenardiers in order to search for his fairy roots

and finds more changelings like him and ends up forming their own little family together where they teach each other charms and magic they never learned on their own




To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

I love this so fucking much